It starts again!

Linux Night


After a lot of exciting lectures and the supply of the workshop sore fingers, the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage will go into an extension on Saturday night.

The Linux-Night starts at 6 pm in the Bar Lokomov. You will find a selection of delicious drinks that you can enjoy in a fitting atmosphere.

Time and Coordinates:

How to get there

  • Walking: up on 'Wartburgstraße', down the 'Clausstraße' – estimated 20 to 30 minutes
  • Public transport direct: Bus 82B Ringbus, get off at 'Uferstraße'.
  • Public transport via city: Tram 3 Hauptbahnhof (or C13 Burgstädt, C14 Mittweida, C15 Hainichen) into the city, at 'Zentralhaltestelle' change to Tram 5 direction 'Gablenz', get off at 'Tschaikowskistraße'.