About us

Since their inception in 1999 the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage have gained a reputation of being the German FLOSS community event attracting thousands of visitors over a weekend in March. increasing success. As time goes by some members leave the team and new ones join, however, some of us have been involved from day one.

We organise the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage because we want to give the people an understanding of Linux and Open Source and it is a lot of fun to organise such a diverse and popular event. Furthermore we draw our motivation from the positive feedback by our visitors.

Such an event of this scale would not be possible without the countless number of volunteers who contribute to the overall success of this format beyond imaginaion.

The team is constantly looking for motivated volunteers. In case you also like to be part of such a huge event, can be relied upon and are interested, please get in touch with us and contribute!

DepartmentPerson(s) in charge
Supervision of visitors: Tobias Gall (tg), Christina Lohr (cl), Thurid Sontag (ts)
Catering: Astrid Richter (ar), Daniel Schreiber (ds), Beate «Maggy» Simiot-Richter (bs)
Database: Mario Haustein (mh)
Data network: Ullrich Fritsche (uf), Ronny Kramer (rk), Nils Trampel (nt)
Budget: Ronald Schmidt (ro), Ralph Sontag (rs)
Graphics: Björn Krellner (bk), Sebastian Pettke (sp)
Helper Care: Nils Trampel (nt)
Children's Paradise: Andrea Scherbaum (asc)
Linux Night: Clemens Albrecht (ca), Florian Schlegel (fs), Martin Selbmann (ms)
Live: Mario Haustein (mh), Chris Hübsch (ch), Philipp Skotnik (ps)
Logistics: Benedikt Geißler (bg), Mario Haustein (mh), Sylvio Ujvari (su)
Merchandising: Ronny Kramer (rk), Christina Lohr (cl), Sebastian Pettke (sp)
Practice: Ronny Kramer (rk)
Media Relations: Antje Schreiber (as)
Security: Philipp Skotnik (ps)
Sponsoring: Julia Scharsich (js), Ralph Sontag (rs)
Streaming: Andy Börner (ab), Matthias Knossalla (mkn), Daniel Schreiber (ds)
Ticket Shop: Benedikt Geißler (bg)
Confidant: Antje Schreiber (as), Sylvio Ujvari (su)
Lectures: Mario Haustein (mh), Ronny Kramer (rk), Jens Pönisch (jp), Daniel Schreiber (ds), Ralph Sontag (rs)
Website: Tobias Gall (tg)

The organisation of the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage is only possible thanks to the extensive support of:

Chemnitzer Linux User Group – a team of IN-Chemnitz e.V.
IN-Chemnitz e.V.
University's data processing centre of TU Chemnitz
Faculty for Computing Science of TU Chemnitz

… and of course the department Event Management and Merchandising as well as the department for Facility Management.