LPI Exams on CLT Sunday

Certification Exams of the Linux Professional Institute

The LPI organisation, founded in Canada in 1999, has set itself the task of offering internationally recognised qualification standards for Linux and free software. The exams can be taken at various trade fairs and congresses, among others, and for many years also at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage.

This year it is once again possible to acquire the recognised certificates of the Linux Professional Institute and thus have one's own Linux skills confirmed.

The certificates offered are LPIC-1 ("Linux Server Professional Certification", both levels), LPIC-2 ("Linux Network Professional Certification", both levels), from LPIC-3 ("Linux Enterprise Professional Certification") the LPI-300 ("Mixed Environments"), LPI-303 ("Security"), LPI-305 ("Virtualisation and Containerization") and LPI-306 ("High Availability and Storage Clusters") as well as the exams LPI 701 (DevOps Tools Engineer) and LPI 702 (BSD Specialist) from the Open Technology Certification Track.

The exams are paper-based and will take place on Sunday 10:30 am and 1 pm in the neighbouring Weinhold-Bau in room C25.012.

On our LPI page you will find all information about registration and preparation.