Call for Presentations


Before applying for Linux-Live, please note the following:

  • Sponsoring concept – We will charge a fee of 750€ for every accepted company. Please have a look on our sponsoring concept (DE - PDF)
  • Booth supervisors – Please provide at least two supervisors for your booth. The maximum amount of supervisors for your booth is limited to four.
  • Posters – At least: 1 Poster – We provide display cases for your posters in the following format: 92cm × 126cm (DIN A0). – For projects which don't have representative posters on their own, we support you with free layout and production.
  • Abstract – Provide a meaningful abstract for your project / company.
  • Powersupply – Per booth we provide 600 W of electric power. A higher requirement has to be declared and accepted by our team!
  • Application – Every project / company needs to apply separately for Linux-Live.
  • Special requests – Please provide special requests in the remarks area. We will try to follow your requests, but we can't assure anything.

Application deadline was at 04.01.2023
Late registrations cannot be taken into account.