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Important pieces of information for exhibitors


22 October 2008Website online
22 October 2008Call for Presentation
05 January 2009Registration deadline
24 January 2009Temporary plan of stands online
14/15 March 200911th Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2009

Important pieces of information for exhibitors

Most important modifications at a glance

We would like to offer a high standard to our visitors. For this reason, it is important to consider the following information.
  • New format for stands "Poster session”: Single projects also have the opportunity to present themselves very easily.
  • Obligation for posters: No stand without a poster! (For projects that have no representative posters, we offer layout and production at no charge.)
  • Obligation for abstracts: No stand without a meaningful summary of the project.
  • Minimum person in charge: A minimum of two project members for the stand is needed. (Projects with one member will automatically be grouped to the poster session.)
  • Limitation of person in charge: The maximum amount of project members of the stands will be limited to an appropriate amount for the project.
  • Limitation of power consumption at the stand: 1000 W will be at your disposal and checked before the start of the event. Please let us know in advance if you have a higher power requirement.

Poster session

The target audience of the poster session are single developers or small projects. This target audience mostly does not have the capacity or contingency to optimally take care of a stand for two days.

The posters of single projects will be presented during the entire Linux-Tage. There will be a concreate time when the exhibitor has to be available for answering the questions about their presentation.

The stand offers the opportunity to hang up one poster per project. The Chemnitzer Linux-Tage also support small projects with the layout of a poster and will produce it at no charge.

Obligation of poster and abstract

For visitors, it is often quite comfortable when they can identify what is presented at the stand. For this reason we request at least one comprehensive poster from every project.

Since not every project can afford the print of a high-quality poster, we support the exhibitors of the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage. We will set up the layout and produce the A0 posters which can remain with the projects after the event. In case you would like to make use of this service, please indicate this on the registration of your project.

Unfortunately, projects that are not able to hand in a meaningful abstract on registration will not be accepted this year.

Minimum attendance and limitation

For our visitors it is important to find a contact person at the stands. This is only possible if the stand will be presented by a minimum of 2 project members. As a result, two person in charge are requested per project.

Each presenting member of the stand is a volunteer and will get everything for free (Catering, evening event, Indoorcamping). On the one hand this is attractive for fellow-travelers however it also costs us a lot of resources. For this reason, the amount of presenting project members of the stand and therewith also the volunteers per stand are limited to an appropriate amount. Exceptions are possible however please send an e-mail to

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