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Host-based disk-mirroring with MD

Dr. Hannes Reinecke (Senior engineer, SUSE Labs) / E-Mail: hare@suse.de

Termin:  Samstag, 11:00 Uhr, Raum V6

Disk-mirroring is a standard feature of basically every OS today. However, these solutions cover built-in disks only.
For remotely connected disks e.g. via FibreChannel or iSCSI the situation changes.

Normally every I/O error is being treated as an fatal
error, requiring manual interaction to replace the disk.
With remote disks transient I/O errors might occur, requiring a more careful I/O handling.

In this talk I will give an overview on the challenges when implementing such a solution and present the 'md_monitor' program for handling transient I/O errors on MD mirror setups.

Webseite: http://git://github.com/hreinecke/md_monitor


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