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Call for Lectures

Please read the suggestions for speakers and regarding the conference book.

Please register only one talk per form. If you want to hand in more than one talk, fill out this form multiple times.

Application deadline was at 07/01/13
Late registrations cannot be taken into account.

Information about you

For our visitors we need some information about you and your talk. Please fill out this form. The fields marked with a red star are mandatory.

The following informations are voluntary and will be published on our website and in other publications:

Details about your talk

Please tell us something about your talk:

Computer, Network and other hardware

There is Wifi available throughout the conference building. Also we provide computers with internet access for speakers.

In every lecture hall we provide a chalkboard, an overhead projector and a video projector. Power and internet access (Ethernet, RJ45) is accessible for every speaker. If you need anything else, please let us know.

Workshops: Most likely there will be 3 workhop rooms. They are equipped the same way our lecture rooms are. A limited number of power outlet for the workshop participants are also provided.


Please note: We are a non-profit organization. That means we are short on funds. So before you ask for travel allowance or for a paid accomondation, please evaluate other options. If you can't find another way to pay for your expenses, we try to make it possible to get you here and to put a roof over your head, but we can't promise anything.


That's it. After sending this form, we will check your data and put it in our database. You will get a confirmation email. If we have any further questions we will send you an email.

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